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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Hi all!

SO very sorry, looks like the egift cards will only work in the booking page and tattoo/ wall art.

For now anyway.

I apologize, i was too excited to actually take more time to look: I assumed egift cards would work in the regular stores, as that system is connected to squares 'point of sale'.

F.a.q. has been updated as well. So one would need to pick: promo code for merch/regular commissions, or gift card for future tattoo! Once I see a code being used in one of em, then I'll delete the other. Unfortunately I can't alter the gift card amount on my end.Hopefully that too gets an upgrade in the future.

Once again, very sorry for the trouble! If any issue, please let me know!

Take care and bye for now!

~Jainai Jeffries

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