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Amor .|. Black Gold

Hi all,

The 3 mains for Black Gold are done! There is a semi 4th, but I'll save him for later. Next profile batch is Rich Ethan, then closing with I.pity.mé!

A little bit on 'Black Gold': [continued from what was shared with Nation's post:

  • Deep Mag is what they call Mags and works that effect deeper than the surface: internal organs, blood, dna, etc.

  • Reg is what Mags call non-mags.

  • 'Black gold' fell from the sky when Nation was around 5: it broke apart upon entry, but Nation and 4 others are the only ones that saw where the motherload landed.

  • 'black gold' is so valuable, cause it can produce water, electricity, and weaponry.

  • It has three visible appearances: Coal, gold, and a mix of the two. Eye mags are the only ones who can tell the difference without putting it through tests.


Amor, 43yrs old, A Medical and (unofficial) Psychiatric doctor turned revolutionary. Amado was born to a mexican raised mother and a Nahua raised father, making him tied to his indigenous heritage more than most. After 20yrs spent living with his Nahua tribe, His rage against colonizers grew till he couldn't ignore it any longer: he left to find 'black gold' in order to eradicate Spain.

  • Amor Amado Nacion is his full name, he only allows those he love to call him Amado. Get's irrationally angry when folk he don't like call him by it.

  • Incredibly patient, his plan for Spain, as revenge for their conquering devastation and assimilation of Nahua peoples and others, is a long haul revenge with black gold being the first step.

  • As 3 grown kids: twins (19) from a Nahua woman and a son (21) from a Spaniard Mexican woman. They are all working towards the same goal in an underground revenge organization.

  • He trades goods in the states to fund his search, during which is when he first met Nation.

  • Never acted on his attraction to Nation, as he's self aware enough to know he'd love him too much, more than his children and mission. Foreal was an unexpected wrench that both improved things, and complicated things.

  • Birth rite is Eye Mag, but his time with Nahua has made him a rare Sense Mag (senses that allows a person to interact with the external world: Nahua long since realized that the senses are all connected).

  • Eye started appearing pink and hot pink around age 25, a few years into living with Nahua. Presently, they change depending on how the sun hits em. Only Deep Mag users can see his rainbow for what it is. To Regs, his eyes appear amber always.

  • When using his powers to full extent, his sclera turn black and pupil turn hot pink. The iris change depending on what sense he's attacking on the enemies.

  • Best weapons are small handhelds; knifes, surgical tools, spoon, etc..

  • Innovative balance: Amado is as kind as he is cruel. Though he balances it so smoothly, most ever just sees his kindness: which leads to many thinking they can take advantage of him. Which amuses him as he never actively tries to hide it.


If that's too much sharing, let me know! I am only sharing a fraction of that publicly right now ;)

Thank you for your continued support! Especially the last few months, and ESPECIALLY this month. I hope ya doing well out there! As always, feel free to share your thoughts!



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