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Thwic video 01 + "Enz" profile psd file

Here's the PSD if you wanna play with coloring or somethin'. Please see 'help' for reminder on rights and usage if needed :)

AND, I started a new youtube series! Thwic [ thoughts while i create ]

I'll ramble on topics I rarely if ever see from fellow artists. While I work on a quick personal piece during break time only. Because I have a lot of work to catch up on (characo, adopts, tailors: my fav services btw).

. The first three will be released immediately. . The rest will only be immediate to Benefit Supporters. . While everyone else will have access maybe in a week, or two...or some time before or on their 1 year anniversary.

Back to first cause I haven't ate and just got an order in to pay for said food...and THEN back to work and starting today's stream sketch!

Thank you once more and always for the support!

Bye for now!


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