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fydbac 8 day hiatus


I shared this with those on the active commission list 3 days ago, but realized I should also inform benefiters and those in this newsletter:

I'm informing EVERYONE who's part of an ongoing project or have some commission due, as I feel it fair you know I won't be working.

My mom died.

She would always mention how I shouldn't work all the time, and so in her honor, I won't work. Aside from tattoo events and the now very rare tattoo bookings (cause I barely make rent as is), no working of any kind, including searching for much needed additional income while tattooing is how it is.

Thank ya'll again for your patience! It's hard for me to NOT work, so it's possibly I may slip and get some commission done (i already did), but...I really do mean to take a break for her, so I'll try harder.

Hope you are well and taking care of yourself! I'll let all know as soon as I'll hop back on things!

Bye for now,


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