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'Star Dust' + 'Soul' +'Emperor' Monthly DISCONTINUED!


So i've decided to discontinue these 3 levels. they've been consistently the lowest membership levels. Plus, if someone feels I'm not worth $2 more, then they just ain't my demographic in the first place.

'Star Dust' MONTHLY has 3 people in that level, 'Emperor' has 2 members, and 'Soul has 1 member: NOTHING WILL CHANGE FOR THOSE MEMBERS, but no new Monthly members on those levels will be possible.

The ANNUAL (1yr) option for those levels are still available though.

In the future, I'll open 'Emperor' and 'Soul' to accept monthly membership seats every few months or maybe even just once a year, as it still feels like tattoo clients may find use in those. But the 'Star Dust' will NEVER return as a Monthly.

I'm also hoping the fewer options may entice more folk to join. I'm on gradually accepting that people don't want options, just as much or even more so than they DO want options.

Anywho, just thought to let you know why those options are not available anymore. And again, the current few members in those levels are NOT affected at all.

Just no new monthly ones will be joining you (Annual members can though). And that's just because I don't want to let go of the http://ipity.me connection!

Thank you so much again for your support! Gotta hop back to the grind now!


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