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Puppy news #4: pup vids/poll + benefiter perks

Hi all!

SO very sorry I completely missed November engagement! I shared something on IG "close friends" (if you are a Benefiter and an IG user, but don't see the green highlight on my page, let me know!)

Developments in puppy:

  • They were born November 15th, 6 days before my own birthday! I'll be getting a Red male!

  • I fly out to pick em up January 12th, and return with them January 14th!

  • My 1st vacation as an adult will be January 11th til February 28th (first day back being March 1st, fyd mi ink's 4 yr anniversary!)

^ 1 day old vs. 3 weeks old ^

3 black boys, 3 black girls, 3 red girls, 3 red boys (black, grey, aqua collars)

Benefiter perks:

  • TWO tattoo events during puppy vacation (tho non-benefiters can still rsvp for a steep fee that DOES NOT apply to tattoo. It's the cost of taking away a spot from a Benefit supporter)

  • FEBRUARY will be exclusive to Benefiters to book (tattoo or consultation): See |.B.| tab in booking

Thank ya'll once again for your support! Hope you are all doin well!

Now for more puppy vids + poll (for Benefiters who sign in)!....

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