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Pro+Com videos105-110!

5 new videos!

I realized I haven't done one of these blogs to announce new videos in a while.

  • Public had access to every other video now,

  • 'Star Dusters" have bonus access to NSFW vids,

  • 'Human' and higher have access to ALL videos immediately.

So these blogs are a good way to give 'star dusters' access to a vid or two that is exclusive for the time being :)

Here's one that ended up being a exclusive, even though I REALLY wanna share it: I talk of my new comic , 'Kill Limit'. It's in my top 5 of comics I desperately want to create. Hopefully someday I'll be financially stable enough to work on them: for now, all I can afford to [barely] make time for is (your support does help with that, despite the three months delay right now).

And here's another one, just cause!

The rest can be seen on the videos page!

Once more and always, thank you so much for your support!



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