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I finally got around to a very unofficial trade with theveryworstthing@twitter:

Like they mentioned, it was small discussion of how some other design they posted had made me think, "oh, they have a hood that holds their severed head in place!?", but that wasn't the case. Then I mentioned how it inspired it to be done, and how we both should do one. Time past, and they were the first to do a thing: they showed me first, then did 2 more depictions. So I showed them first, and did 3 depictions as well. Now sharing it all with you guys before sharing on social media.

So here's my take and headcanon!

His name is Piscina, and he knows Fountains past, but can't say: as their species can't speak of another's past without permission. And while she had her memories, she have yet to give him permission. They're of a similar species, but different breed. He's older, and takes full advantage of humans thinking they are gods.

  • With age, comes one's ability to get hurt and get scared. Though there are ways to make said scars disappear: it's more respectable to leave them be.

  • He technically keeps 3 weapons in him, but is shown here with only the 2 daggers he keeps on his chest. The "ghost" swords reflect his prowess, the more swords, the more powerful one is. The average is 5, but he actually lost 2 (hence the scars). But once he heals, he'll probably have 7. The highest records is around 20.

  • His species live only in the present and future, meaning they have no past tense in their language and existence. They retain memories, but acknowledging the "before" of another needs permission, otherwise it'll cause a great deal of pain, similar to if a limb was instantly pushed opposite it's momentum.

  • They have at least one limb detached, as a way to compensate for sliding between realms. Usually the head, but with training, they can switch which limb is the "anchor".

  • His "hair" can be manipulated into a jacket looking thing around him. It helps keep the head from slipping into another dimension (which can happen from time to time by accident or when tired/asleep).

  • When they are healing from something, the ext. wound heals up immediately, but the damage is evident by continuous bleeding from their "anchor" point. In Piscina's case, his severed neck. To lesson the "bleeding", the "hair" must be allowed to billow.

  • When healing, they can't switch anchors, nor keep their hair from becoming a protective cloak of some sort. When healthy, they can control how many "swords" may appear.

  • If they lose a sword permanently, they lose a part of their memory. And can only be given a replacement sword by someone telling them the memory they lost.

  • Their language is sign or through touch (telepathically), but those that can switch anchors, can speak verbally.

Now back to commissions I go!

Bye for now!

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