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Part Time [+18] .symbrock .|. pg02

Venom x Brock fancomic . rated +18 . pg.15? (not sure yet)

Hey there!

I should be doing the 'kill limit' pg1, but this symbrock is good for practicing comic page speed. Which is definitely needed for i.pity.mé and 'kill limit'.

PLUS, it's partly for the purpose of attracting more benefit members, who's increase numbers push us closer and closer to making original content comics full time (next to tattooing)!

Plus it's fun to explore the possibilities of Venom.

I haven't read much of the comics, so this is just my headcanon of them: I like the idea of Venom making Brock laugh frequently, and Venom playing with human language and their silly human ways.

Once and forever fucking more, thank you for your support!



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