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NEW LIBRARY [in construction]

Hi All!

SO, I'm finally getting around to transferring the species library into a more organized form online! Which is just a precursor to the book project...which is still in the future future.

Please please feel free to let me know what you think along the way, if anything is confusing, broken, etc.! Will be GREATLY appreciated! I'm hoping it'll make it easier for ME when I need to look up info on one of em for whatever reason, AND also easier for you guys to use it as an species index for any concepts you get from me or any rp fun you may have!

I'm really hoping for folk to rp (and share the resulting story with me) the most! Would be so cool to read how others play with em!

So yeah, will be SLOW: as characo and hatchling adopts alone have over 200 species each! Maybe 300+ species in total!

Once more, thank you for your support!


Jainai Jeffries

P.S. Now that all folk are on the system, some posts will be viewable, while others you will need to sign in to view. (All links to Benefiter areas will still need to be signed in the view: so non benefiters may see this email notification if they are a site member, but not it's contents is it's an exclusive).

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