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New Feature: story of da month!

Hi all!

Hope ya January have been going well!

I'm steadily working through comms, tatt finalizations, and comics as usual! But have been muling over new fun exclusive ideas for you Benefiters!

The one currently on my mind is maybe sharing story ideas once a week or so, and the one with the most "Heart likes" will have a VERY short and quick comic of it.

Yeah, I know, already got enough with @fydtales--HELL, i should prob cut it down even more (BUT I LUV EM!).

This would just....scratch an itch (as I'm constantly thinking of stories/worlds), AND it may help me get faster with making quick comics. Until I finish the due work on my plate, I don't have quit the time to really go all out like my instincts want, so have been trying for years to be quick by doing less detail.

So yeah, if ya like the idea, feel free to hit the heart thingy to show ya would be down!

I actually already have the first comic/world idea: Hapé Berthdei (happy birthday). I'll share more of it in the next post! (don't worry, I PROMISE I won't make it an active project on fydtales) *mantra to self: ipromiseipromiseipromise...*

Bye for now! Hope you are taking care of yourself, even if only to spite those who try to prevent it!



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