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Makivelli + Cheik

.|. PSD + hi-res download .|.

Hello all!

Inspired by this:

I didn't like the typesetting, then I thought of what I would like, and then I thought Makivelli would look good in it, and then I thought it's be fitting for his wife to have her version, and bam (after hours of passing over due commissions) Ta-da!

I originally wanted it to look like it was on the shirt, but it just kept not looking right and I needed to get on actual commissions and not personal/promo (cause working on IP when broke and commissions to do, is STILL promo of said IP, and so, is partly work: It's the compromise I feel is fair as I can't really afford to do things 100% for personal fun, except for maybe i.pity.mé), so this was a compromise. And I dig it.

I just thought of a non-binary version, and guess who's gonna wear it?

Well, hope you dig it, (Oh, and I don't count this as the 2 hours a benefit member sponsored for 'Kill limit').

Once again and fuckin' always, thanks for ya support!


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