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Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Concept doc link [SPOILERS]

[you can ask questions and make comments on the doc if you like :)]


I had a dream 9-22-18, and it turned into a stream of premise ideas WHILE I was waking up. So I'm not sure what the dream dream was of. Just know it kickstarted my mind to come up with another comic idea.

I did a 3 page concept doc that same day, but wasn't able to finish this sketch till today.

Basically I woke up with the question: what if the concept of "Hell" was actually just an alternate universe with an alternate you? Then it just...cascaded from there.

Feel free to read the concept link (skip the Bio with these two if you don't want spoilers). But the details of the world and how it operates, feel free to absorb that.

I'ma try and do profile pics of these two: one with Vile in a beard, cause I just thought of how cool he'd look with one.

Okay, I best get some commissions done. Even if I feel fucked up for not working on i.pity.mé, doing something with some other personal project helps ease the pain. (it's not that I'm stuck, or don't wanna work on i.p.m.. It's that, the audience for i.p.m. is myself, so I don't ever plan to shape it into something for not-me's. Most of which don't seem to dig i.p.m. anyway, so working a little on these OTHER stories ask (but don't care to answer or pander to) "will people be attracted to THIS? how bout this? or this?". Meaning: they are more of a compromise: I think of what people seem attracted to, and I think, "what would make such things appeal to ME?".

Cause if I'm able to get one picked up, then I'll be able to work on a story I actually like, that others actually like, AND be financially stable while still working on i.p.m on a decent schedule. I do not want a story I hate to be picked up, and then have that turn into my 9-5 hell.

Sorry for the babble, back to work I go!

Once again and always, thank you for your support!


p.s. *sigh* comic idea 17(?). I haven't made time to recount yet. I'd say it's in 5 I REALLY want to pursue (the ones after the first 3 is interchangeable though):

  1. i.p.m.

  2. delayed reaction.[short comic]

  3. Rich ethan

  4. face down, turnt up.

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