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Kill limit | comic

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Every person in the world is built with a license to kill: at least 1 kill per lifetime. The more good you do in the world, the more kills you can have in shorter time frames. You go past your limit, you die instantly, or become terminally suicidal forever. This is a story about an Unlimiter who has never killed before, but is on trial for mass murder, and their assigned Hematologist who has a corrupted kill limit that changes every time they wake from unconsciousness.

  • Kill limit = the number of kills + the duration in which the kills can occur.

  • One's kill limit is coded into their blood.

  • To increase a kill limit, there are 2 injections: one for the count, one for the duration (the duration hurts immensely).

Túpaq. 31 . 5'9 . On trial as a non killing serial killer. kill limit: unlimited

He's accused of killing 20 in a bar. Though the video shows he didn't touch anyone, just spoke to them. He's from a small community (see: communion cult), and spent the last 2yrs in the city looking for someone before he noticed he was a wanted man and turned himself in.

  • Despite having an unlimited Kill limit, which only 5 or so in the world has, he's never killed anyone.

  • He thinks killing is stupid: as it means the person won't ever learn/ face the consequences of their actions. He's very good at dealing out the latter.

  • He likes new things and experiences, and takes life as it comes; nihilistically content. [Not to say he acts without thinking or no care for consequence].

  • Every action he takes (literally) is for a long term reason, despite it looking like an impulse decision.

  • People tend to hate him and love him at the same time: as he has a knack of telling people the truth about themselves, while unwittingly convincing them to follow their impulses (which caused a lot of his scars).

  • It's people who flock to him: despite minding his business and rarely starting conversations (remember, no action without a reason), his disposition seem to scream "welcome" to people.

  • His natural hair is 3c/4a afro texture, but he started getting it pressed and professionally died when he came to the city.

  • His tatt is symbolic of his Heritage/cult: It's a sign of his high position.

  • Genderfluid romantic (masc. lean): Bisexual

Makivelli. 29 . 6'3 . Hematologist assigned to assess Túpaq's Kill limit. kill limit: corrupted

The stephen Hawking of Hematology, he should have earned at least 1 kill a day, but his kill limit is corrupted and changes every time he wakes from consciousness. So when he took the injections that increase the limit, failed. So he's spent his career trying to figure it out. Along the way, he's made key discoveries (and co-invented the kill limit indicator pen device, still in testing phase). Just none to help him be able to kill, like a normal person.

Kill limits are kept in a universal registry, and only top Hematologists knows who's the unlimiters and highest limits. He was called in to be Tupaq's hematologist because they can't find him in the registry, and the kill limit devices keep saying he's an unlimiter (but that ain't right, so the machines must be broke, 10 in a row).

  • His need to kill is rivaled by his desire to not die.

  • He strongly believes some people NEED to die. A lot. Maybe even most of the population.

  • He keeps a kill list for once he ever figures out a cure for his corrupted kill limit.

  • He's married and has twin 13 yr olds from a previous relationship. Him and his wife had a 6 year old who died 2 years prior.

  • Was in a military branch, which is how he met his wife.

  • His twins should have been a sign things were wrong with him, as his Sclera didn't change color when they were born. And they are most definitely his.

  • Genderfluid, but isn't aware there is a term for it. He was picked on growing up, until he started breaking bones. Never became self conscious or anxious in that way though, (never thought anything was wrong with himself).

  • He feels people have their world, and he has his (which is why he never thought him or the world was wrong or should be a certain way). He gets angry that folk always seem to try and infringe upon his existence with their own though.

  • His tatt is a homage to how he thought he was a bat when he was a kid: He was born with underdeveloped vocal cords, and to him, he sounded like a bat as a kid. His hearing progressively got worse and worse up till he was a teen. So now he uses hearing aids: which make him hear near average.

  • Aromantic (though hides it): Demisexual, Masc. Lean (unaware, thinks he's straight).


I love this idea as much as "Rich Ethan" , So in my top 3 comic projects to pursue ( still #1, despite the 2nd unplanned hiatus).

This came about fairly backwards: I was thinking of words, then word combinations, then thought "kill limit" sounds cool, and then the ideas flowed. AND THEN a client ordered a pic of an old 'full fydbac reign design', and instantly I was like "*gasp* 'Kill limit's' main!" And that reminded me of the species (see encyclopedia) I've done 3 times now and...yeah.

I'm still not used to sharing things unsolicitedly. I don't know where the fuck to begin! With the characters, or how kill limits work (which I finally concreted), or the story line?

The psd/hi-res is in the psd folder if ya wanna play with it.

Okay, I best get to work. (I know, I should be on I.p.m. Still working on not being so perfectionist about it and my time in earning rent).

Once more and always, thank you for your support!



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