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July PROGRESS review + New promo codes + "Epind" now "Seed"!

Hello all!

Hope you are doing well! I'm excited to get more progress done on thangs! Tho slow on the comic front, I still managed to finish TWO comic pages: + delayed reaction ! Slow as hell (I'm capable of much faster for paid work), but STILL more progress than the past year combined! Sad, but it is what it is. Really glad to even be granted the opportunity!



July Progress

First month with the new perk:

What ya'll think? Was it helpful, interesting...a waste of my seconds, etc?

Any recommendations on what you'd like to see? Please feel free to comment on this blog!


  • I used a simple google form that takes just a few seconds to fill in and submit.

  • The dates with no time, were days I forgot to submit an entry: I usually remembered within 24 hrs.

  • If I put in less than 2 hours into something (or didn't finish something in that time at least): I counted it as a no-work day.

  • Each month will reset: and ONLY in these blogs will i post a link to the spreadsheet (see below).

Overall: 3 days of no-work (all unplanned) + 8 days of personal projects. Not TOO bad. Those 8 days were the best I managed in...2 years? Maybe 1 yr? Can't be sure, hence...

I'm definitely gonna keep doing this for now! I like to know exactly how much progress I manage: as I'm still easing into a more healthy schedule.

July was kinda sponsored where rent was concerned (I didn't accept any new commissions besides tattoo sessions), so August will be the 1st "normal" month.

To read "specific details" (you could actually always read em in the progress page, but ya gotta scroll the table with ya mouse...yeah, still working out the kinks):


NEW: promo codes + special ONE DAY ONLY promo code THIS saturday

Updated promo codes on !

ALSO, trying out a new perk for TATTOO EVENTS:

So, you know how benefiters get even more deals on tattoo events, and can reserve artwork (no matter if just for wall display)? [more info]

WELL...I'm introducing:

ONE DAY promo code!

Where, exclusively during tattoo event days, you can reserve online WITH the tattoo event rate. You'd just need to use the 'ALL levels' code on the promo page (the middle one will be made special) when you purchase.

  • I WON"T announce it in these blogs again: just know ALL tattoo events with have a 'one day only' code posted!

  • I'll make it so you KNOW it's special: it'll definitely last for the ENTIRE event day, 11am - 8pm, but best to check it before and after, just in case I post it early or leave it up.

  • It'll ALWAYS be less than a non-benefiter, but it may not always be less or equal to if you were to rsvp and come in person: either way, you STILL get a deal perk!

The first of this perk, will be for the August tattoo event.

REMEMBER: this is the LAST month before the annual rate upgrade for Benefiters! So this is the last chance for the tattoo event deals will ever be THIS low

  • (as well as normal benefiter hourly: so if you book a future date BEFORE September 1st, you'll lock in the current benefiter rate!


"Epind" level is now named "Seed" level

I thought Epind and Epi was just too close, so thought a more distinct name would be best (and it still fits the i.pity.mé universe theme).

Fun facts:

the "Immoral" kingdom refer to epind (Epi still within their human meat) as "caged" (as they see epi as trapped in a meat cage), and the "innocent" kingdom refer to epind as "seed" (as they see epi still in their human bodies as "unborn", still being nurtured, waiting to sprout).

UGH, can't wait to do more so I can reveal the workings of that universe already!!


And that's it for the updates!

  • Again, please let me know what ya think of the "daily progress" insight thus far.

  • Don't forget the "ONE DAY ONLY" promo this Saturday

  • And sure to show yourself luv!

Once more and always, thank you for the support!!

Bye for now,


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