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Horror portrait vol.2 . phase 01· contributors

Hello all!

So...decided to offer HORROR PORTRAIT vol.2 : the 4th book project of fyd tales publication. I was apprehensive cause it seemed very slow to fill the slots for vol.1. But then wouldn't hurt to offer anyway, PLUS, it's damn fun to terrorize folk OC and write the mini stories!

You Benefiters get first access till tomorrow or so, (only 31 slots). AND, one can combine horror cock and horror portrait like in vol.1: just follow the instructions mentioned in the product pages.

Please feel free to use the promo codes or the codes given on the Exclusive store. NOTE: All codes have a use limit, so first come first serve in using them!

What's carried over from vol.1:

  • Only 'fydbac species' influence what's in the book + get a "how does the cock work" fact sheet of what they influenced.

  • IG/twitter Username OR client initials, are given a shout out in the book.

  • Book order will not be made till ALL 'fydbac species slots' have been filled.

  • pre-sale price ends the moment all 31 'fydbac species' slots are filled!

What NEW for vol.2:

  • ALL orders (till all 31 'fydbac species' slots are filled) automatically get a copy of the physical book!

  • All 'fydbac species' orders get a discount on a characo order made to see the full body of their influence + a fuller fact sheet (they just use their wix invoice in where it says "inspiring species": discount will only be revealed in the characo invoice).

  • Pre-order for physical book is offered.

  • For a physical book copy: No international shipping (aside from canada). The cost is FAR too high + one intl. order for vol.1 was returned for NO reason, even tho it made it ALL the way to the russian city in question. I refuse to risk that happening again (I'll just...maybe hand deliver once I start my intl. tattoo tour).


Possible BONUS:

  • If at least 50 orders in total, then the 31 'fydbac species' orders will also get a physical copy of vol.1

  • If at least 100 orders in total, then ALL orders can get a copy of vol.1.


Hoping all slots fill as fast as possible this round! I'll open the ordering to non-benefiters on October 1st on and if folk just want the book, they can pre-order on

Once more and always, thank you SO very much for your support! Please be sure to treat yourself well!

Bye for now,

Jainai Jefffries

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