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HAPPY NEW YEAR + Cash out 2022: REMINDER + Afromerican flag patch

Hello Benefiters!

Thank you once again for your support! Benefiters: Please, PLEASE, remember to cash out your remaining Art fund before 2023! Otherwise your fund will become invalid and RESET!

(remember: link under "benefit program" tab on

Follow the link for more info on this perk!

Once more, thank you all for your support this year! The only way i can really show my gratitude, is thru the Benefiter perks! So PLEASE use your fund!

Aside from commissions (under 'custom order'), two new items are in the store: An NSFW anthology I contributed to, and (launching today), an Afromerican heritage flag (velcro) patch for dogs!

I wanted one for my own upcoming pup, and couldn't find any ANYWHERE. Main thing I saw was the usa flag, and....NEVER on that. So I had some made, will only keep 3/50, and will be selling the remaining on

Once more thank all you Benefiters and clients for the support! YOU really made this year!

Here's to 2023 full of change for me: puppy (@dobe.fyd) + own car + move back to Los Angeles, meeting new artists, guest spotting, and more! Hope you are all treating yourself well, and...



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