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.Egg adopt batch 40.

Sup' all!

I'll post it publicly.... maybe tomorrow? That is, If you guys decide to be Care Bear hearted softies and leave one for the non benefit members. *psst, don't do that. Be cold hearted: break their non-supporting hearts! MUWHAHAHA!*

Till then, Take your pick Benefit Members! Only Benefiters have access with your membership!

Made it to 200 eggs!! VERY honored by those who're pretty much the reason it made it this far! And STILL one of my favorite services (next to 'characo' and fashion design of 'tailor-made'). As long as I'm able, it'll definitely be one of the services I will always offer once I'm able to drop illustrative sketch services as my main bread and butter (I'd like to have them be exclusive for Benefit members).

Once more and always, thank you so very much for your support! Next batch will be a reinvigorating facelift to celebrate the milestone! WEAPON ADOPTS. So these may be the last egg shaped eggs for some time!

Happy Holidays! Hope ya stayin' safe and getting ya mind stimulated out there!


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