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Eddie x Venom

.|. PSD + hi-res download .|.

Hello all!

Yes, the poll is still going.

*GASP* So this is a fan-art of my own wantings! The rarity of it...

I just felt that ALL the fan art that's been coming across my dashes, have not explored the possibilities enough. And that's want I'm about: That's what the Benefit Program is supporting: creating work that depicts the unexplored.

This doesn't count as the pin up: I figure it fair to only have the pin-up count if it's AFTER the day I say the poll is to close. So I still hope Eddie x Venom win the poll! Cause I would like to do them again (So I can go even farther. I only made time to skim the surface with this one).

Feel free to share your thoughts! And feel free to print your own copy or play with the PSD and even color it yourself! [more info in the 'PSD' use disclaimer in the download folder].

SPEAKING OF: I made the psd into a member tab on, under 'benefit' tab. I thought it would be more convenient for you. Please let me know.

Once again and always, thank you for your support!



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