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Delayed Reaction . pg01

Hi All!

I'm FINALLY working on this comic after having shelved it for over a yr! Enough worrying about money and thinking I'm a bum and unprofessional for working on my own projects rather than working and working to make ends meet! (kinda sorta, "enough". Still working on it, BUT...)

I found out Iron comics submissions are finally open, and so really wish to pitch my stories and try to find backing that'll make me not worry so much on rent/bills/food. It's a daily struggle at this point, just rarely new clients. But you guys really help a great deal! Very difficult to increase ya'll numbers, so pitching to places in the meantime.

I need to do 5 pages for the pitch. I can't be as clean as I want, (still dealing with that rent obsession), so thinking to finally work on experimenting with presentation style: A red tinge, and these kinda sketchy borders and backgrounds.

Definitely feel free to let me know what you think! I'll share each page with you guys exclusively, and will release 1pg/week with Non-Benetiers if the pitch is rejected. Not sure if I'll share with them before then. Probably yes, cause the point of this story is to contribute the kind of exploration I never see myself, and long to see out there.

Thank you always for your support! The next comic page WILL be, then kill limit, then a storm x black panther page!



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