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Commission Queue | Back + improved (?)

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A long while ago, I used this app called Trello to help me improve my schedule. It worked for maybe...2-3 months? But then I got caught up and...forgot about it.

Well recently, a couple of long time Benefiters mentioned it. And so taking note, I brought it back and revised it to be on .

A few things I didn't like about Trello: forced membership on their app for clients to view + I had to manually type the order in a second time: From wix order to master list, then to trello. + No way to sync benefiters, I had to manually invite, etc. etc. (all that may have contributed to me forgetting about it).

This [hopefully] improved version is semi-automatic: It's linked to a compiled google spreadsheet. So I can use the master records alone, I just have to copy paste a portion over onto the compiled list. [I can't show the official records, as those hold the client emails].

  • Benefit for you Benefiters: One stop. You already have site membership!

  • Benefit for me: I have a compiled list of due orders across all services in one place + it's more simplified to mark the status (I made it too specific on trello). But, the annoying part is needing to copy paste (I already don't like to transfer the orders from wix, but I also want to maintain my master list of each service (going back to the very first ever order). But copy paste is far more convenient than manually typing.

Besides the time it takes to remember to copy and paste/ delete delivered orders, It feels like it'll last longer than Trello. Please feel free to share your thoughts! Like it, don't like it, a waste of my time, etc. etc.! Your feedback is always appreciated!

Once more and always, thank you for your support!



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I think it's pretty cool to see your queue built into the website like that. It appears way more professional than say, an FA journal queue. And I have to second your thoughts on Trello. Useful, but I'm too scatterbrained to remember about it after like, two weeks.

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