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Char adopt #35 + August daily progress

Hello all!

Realized I never seen a were-croc, or a pie-bald one at that. SOOOOO....

Adopt here:

I'll be sharing on insta and twitter tomorrow, but ya'll seeing the full adopt package first.

In the meantime! Here is some exclusive species details that's shared on

  • They can get tattoos in their human form, but it'll disappear after each transformation.

  • The more they eat (before and during transformation) determines if they can reach their max croc size.

  • Scars gained in human form, diminish/vanish when in croc form. And scars received in croc form, heal completely, or leave a small reflection on the human form (ONLY if the damage is deep enough).

  • If they lose a limb in croc form, it'll grow back in human form (Works best, and more assured, if they are in their max size).

  • They have a type of dydoe piecing when in croc form (which they got in croc form), but tend to not use them when in human form. The shaft piercing, they got in human form, and keeps in both forms.

  • [optional/inspiration for whoever adopts]. They're under the "two-spirit" umbrella.


Any questions, please refer to the f.a.q.! No help there, feel free to ask in a comment to this post!


August Daily progress:



  • 3 NO WORK days

  • 3 ish days of Personal projects (VERY little)

  • The rest: various progress on commissions.

I'ma try for more personal project this month, and more finished pieces! So, 2nd month of this "daily progress" feature. What ya'll think?

I find it does help me see just how much work I get done, and how much I neglect my own projects for commissions. Perhaps i'll help me improve that sad ratio of the latter!


Sorry for the minimal engagements last month! I'll try to do more this month! Especially with new blink sheets and such! Once again and always, thank you for your support! And I do hope you are taking care of yourself!!



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