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BENEFITER UPDATE: "roles" to "plans"

Hello All!

In wanting ALL Benefiters to have the same full access of the "paid plan" status (if you signed up through and have access to "Benefiter" membership section), I'll be manually inviting all "ROLE" benefiters to the "paid plan" side.

How you know which you are?

"Role": you don't have anything under "My Benefiter status" under your log in membership tab.

"paid plan: you DO have a plan under the "My Benefiter status" tab.

So if "paid plan", you're all good! No action required. If "role", you should get an email shortly. No matter if you decide to rejoin or not, know that whatever you decide is PERFECT. The fact you joined in the first place, is honor enough!

Off to work more on i.pity.mé: new page posting TONIGHT on

Once more and always, thank you SO much for the support!

Please be sure to treat yourself!



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