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BENEFITER UPDATE: "my subscription"= "my benefiter status"

Hello all!

So very sorry for the confusion: looks like a particular setting wasn't activated, so you weren't able to see the "my subscription" (which I'm calling, "Benefiter Status". What ya think?).

So, those who signed up thru the fydbac.com site, within the past...2 years perhaps...should NOW be able to see the section to manage your own Benefiter subscription!

Feel free to let me know if you should see it, but don't. Those who WON'T see it:

Annual Benefiters

(Possibly) Benefiters from...more than 2 years ago.

Thank you SO much again for your support, and I do apologize again for the mix up. When they FIRST announced the new page, I SWEAR it was automatic. Either they never were, or they switched it up again with no warning.

Kick ass and take names out there!


Jainai Jeffries

PS. What ya think of calling it "Benefiter Status" rather than "My subscription"? Or do ya have a suggestion? Don't look at me like that, ya'll joined knowing damn well I can't just let things be!

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