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ATTN: Paypal Benefiters

Hi all, well...just those Monthly Benefiters who signed up more than 2 or so years ago and DO NOT see "My Subscription" (or "my benefiter status") when you log in!

The reason ya don't see it, is cause you're signed on the old, and not the "paid plans" . SO, this is a reminder: If you'd like more control of your subscription + all in one place (, please transfer by canceling ya recurring payment (you gotta go to your paypal to do so, under 'recurring payments'.), then come back to and REJOIN: (you still have the option of using your paypal, and you can still cancel it on paypal, but joining thru will give you the "my subscription" perk.)

That way, it's ALL in one place and you can see the info of your Benefitership (and cancel if ya wanted).

You don't HAVE to, but figured a reminder on such a convenience may be best. (plus, it's more convenient for me if ALL benefiters can be found in one place.).

Hope ya doing well out there, and taking much needed time to shower yaself with luv! Thank you again for your support! Looking forward to sharing more personal projects and etc. in the coming weeks!


Jainai Jeffries

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