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ART FUNDS | reminder!


I just sent off 4 art fund cash out codes, and so wanted to remind the rest of ya to cash out if your level have your fund reset at the New year!

Reminder info if needed:

Thank you SO much once more for your support as benefiter! I'll do one last blog of the year in a few days!

Hope ya doing good out there in the life thing! If not good, then I hope it'll get better sooner than later. Out of all the "positive" antidotes out there, a majority of them feel empty and delusional to me. But this is one of maybe 2 I actually agree on: Things WILL get better. (More so just "realistic" than "positive", but I digress).

Have a kickass day, thank you SO much for believing in me, when most days these days, I have to try and remind myself I'm not the only one who believes in me, I got clients and you guys.

Ugh, enough mushy, go kick ass and next update will be soon!



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