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Art fund Perk REMINDER + Char adopt #31

Hi all!

So sorry I only made ONE engagement last month! Gonna def rectify that this month! Hope you all are taking care of yourselves out there! Self care should be everyday, but damn if these times don't call for one to break the "no self care" habit a majority are victim too!

Now onto the main topics of this post! Following that is a small update and plans for what's to come!



If at a Benefiter level with an Art fund: Please don't forget to cash out before New years eve!!

The fund itself resets after Dec. 31st 11:59pm, so if one don't cash out before then, you'll miss out on said funds! But cash out codes/ gift cards don't expire, so please be sure to cash out before the deadline!

MORE INFO (same link as above):



Was inspired by tailor-made #52, specifically the hairstyle I gave em! I'll only post this clothed version publicly, but will post the nude/headshot as soon as they're adopted!

You can actually use the above code for ANY store, so feel free to apply it to books, merch, commissions, etc.!


Any questions, please refer to the f.a.q.! No help there, feel free to ask in a comment to this post!

In conclusion....

I'm still working on my scheduling with tattoo clients: I actually closed my "consultation" books so I can get thru the 10 designs currently on my plate. I'll probably be sure to close books after the 5th in a queue from now on tho. Currently about half way thru the current design: a dedication bear , 3 variations. I've finished one, and am about half way thru the 2nd, hope to finish this week!

Still 5 PRO left to finish, and just 3 tailor mades: SO CLOSE to being done with the long over dues carried from the crisis of 2019. THEN I'll feel more worthy to work on more fyd tales comics. Still forcing myself to take my time and go slow, still paranoid about burning out again. But the benefiter support really helps in making time for personals (some character profiles will come soon too), and it feels really good to just...enjoy the creations (commissions and personal alike) like this!

Near the end of dec. I'll be sure to post a 2020 review of fydbac activities! Hopefully more comics on , FInally sending interest check-ins with characo/tailor-mades, and more flickers for

Once again and always, thank you for your support! And I do hope you are taking care of yourself, and not allowing some jackass to tell ya otherwise!



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