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Adopt batch 41. potion 01

Hey all!

I'm finishing up the very last egg from the last batch, 40! So I figured it would be the best time to release the next batch, the first POTION based batch [The rate is lowered to reflect that] ! A change up to celebrate doing TWO HUNDRED egg adopts!

The selections are different this time as well, as I hope to do more human designs: instead of "body type", it's "user type" you select. The resulting design will be born from the style and atmosphere of the potion, rather than mostly on the visual, basically asking, "who would carry a potion like THAT?".

Now back to work I go on this last egg. As soon as I finish this last hatchling, I'll be opening this batch to the public!

Thank you so much again for your support! It means such a great deal...I'm genuinely surprised each month I see a support have been processed to me.



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