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187 notches | mini 2pg preview

Hi all!

So Horror Portrait vol.1 layout turned out to have a bit of room in the back, so I thought it should be filled with something! And I thought that something should be a mini preview comic of a horror (love) story I've been contemplating lately.

Plus it fits the theme of "horror" better than the others I think.

SO, only find the 2pg preview in the 1st edition physical copy of Horror Portrait Vol.01


Horror | Romance . 2 chapters planned

A killer and A supernatural human eater meet in a group camping trip....

Tid bit: The humans name is Majesty "Mag" Valor, the creatures name is "Shannon".

K, off to order the books now!


This'll replace one of the short stories in the Support page!

Once more and always, thank you for the support! I'll be hoping on the current sponsored comic pages soon! Also, don't forget to activate ya gift cards! And let me know what ya think of the new monthly gift process!



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