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187 notches . Character profiles!

Happy New Year!

Finally! Got these done! I just needed to get these out my system even tho I wanna finish "Delayed Reaction" before starting on this short (NSFW) story: which was shared with you guys in a previous post, and in the back of "horror portrait vol.1".

Here's lil exclusive tidbits about the main characters!


Majesty Valor (Jest [friends] . Te [fam])

  • Age: 30

  • Ht: 5’7

  • Gender: void

  • sexual/rom: masc./void

  • Cock: Length: 7”, girth 7”

  • Tidbit: Idolizes uncle, who’s serving 3 life sentences (currently in yr 15).

Shara Oziiel A Kor (nicknames: Ozzi [ friends+fam]. Sara [Jest]

  • Age: 207

  • Ht: 7’1”

  • Gender: void

  • sexual/rom: n/a

  • Cock: Length: 9-11”, girth 5-8”

  • Tidbit: A prodigy & self made “millionaire” who would be ostracised if it wasn’t for their earned status + “parent”.

Any curiosities, I'll be happy to share if ya asked in a comment to this blog!


Prob going a bit too deep for just a one shot, but it has potential to be more, (I'm just telling myself it's a one shot to prevent it from taking the place of one of the 4 long term projects (i.pity.mé, forgive this, and kill limit are pretty much permants, but the 4th, (i luv 'rich ethan' dammit)! What I mean to say is, having it be a short (for now) can be tolerated comfortably.

To see it come faster or just time towards content focused on the characters: head to 'fyd tales' or the store to sponsor!

K, back to due commissions!

Hope ya'll are taking care and showing much self love! Once again and always, thank you for the support!


Jainai Jeffries

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