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YCH sketch 02 . bling pride

YCH sketch 02 . bling pride


Lines only + minimal coloringBling will be pride colors of your choice!

  • For rating (R, pg, nc17): add "rating" product to cart
  • NO direction allowed! (no "include glasses", "human feet", "smoking a cigar", etc. etc.).
  • Only ONE slot for each selection. 6 in total. 2 for each pose. Once gone, it's gone!
  • Any body type / sex.
  • wdo

    Written description only. No link, no visual ref.


  • Pride colors

    The non red sketch lines will be the color of the pride flag you choose!

  • character ref link

    ONE link only OR wdo (written description only, see 'help' for more info).

    • If link, NO other words beyond the link, even if pointing something out (please don't).
    • If you ignore this, I will only click on ONE link + I'll be wary to accept you as a client again.

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