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model adopt 04-016

model adopt 04-016


ONE model per person / order + Front view nude ONLY. 

  • Includes: PSD (lines and flat color) + JPG + Exclusive rights ( NOT including profit / commercial) for 1 year.
  • See product page to add other options (for humanoid only): side vew, head shots, fashion, etc..
  • You can change the color, sex, etc. (see f.a.q. for further details).


More info + copyright info + acceptable payments:


  • Model #4-16

    Yes, he had a masectomy: his species have breast in the humanoid, no matter the gender. His feral form is as big as a average horse. The rear feet act as hooves, hard as them too, but can separate (usually only when in defense.). and yes, his human mouth can detach like the feral as well. The tail mouth is highly venomous. 

  • w/feral

    =With feral version (the non-humanoid).

    • Feral is NOT adoptable separately. 
    • Any other product add-ons does not apply to feral version: Add-ons will only apply for humanoid.
  • exclusive rights

    You are sole owner of non-profit rights: I cannot use the design outside of profit/commercial opportunities.

    • 1 Year only (from delivery date): After that, usual fydbac copyright applies. See f.a.q. for details.

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