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model adopt 04-015

model adopt 04-015


ONE model per person / order + Front view nude ONLY. 

  • Includes: PSD (lines and flat color) + JPG + Exclusive rights ( NOT including profit / commercial) for 1 year.
  • See product page to add other options (for humanoid only): side vew, head shots, fashion, etc..
  • You can change the color, sex, etc. (see f.a.q. for further details).


More info + copyright info + acceptable payments:


  • Model #4-15

    Those nicks in her skin is actually razor cuts inspired by the skin cutting of Papua New Guinea. Her "hair" can be "cut": It'll deflate, shrink, and fit along her scalp,neck,upper back like a short cut fade. It takes time for it to reflate (similar to average human hair growth).

  • w/feral

    =With feral version (the non-humanoid).

    • Feral is NOT adoptable separately. 
    • Any other product add-ons does not apply to feral version: Add-ons will only apply for humanoid.
  • exclusive rights

    You are sole owner of non-profit rights: I cannot use the design outside of profit/commercial opportunities.

    • 1 Year only (from delivery date): After that, usual fydbac copyright applies. See f.a.q. for details.

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