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+ additional limbs

SKU: detail-extra
  • Increase quantity for each pair per character)


    additional limbs: If MORE than 1 pair of a limb (arms, legs, wings, tentacles, etc.),  a fee is applied for every additional count of two.

    • So insects, octopuses, etc, will most likely require a fee.

    • One exception: 4 legged non-humanoid does not require a fee.

    • Example: centaur = no fee,

    • 2 dicks = no fee.,

    • 5 dicks = +2,

    • 6 arms = +3,

    • 7 dicks = +3, etc.

  • If more than one character, Pleaseuse this to let me know which additions should go on which character.


    This is NOT NEEDED, if you just have one character :)

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