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Valentine themed BLINK SHEET #162-171

Hi all!

Just one more day for folk to RSVP for the valentine tattoo event! Finally a new blink sheet! Realized I never did a Valentine themed before, and once I realize I never done a thing before...It must be explored!

  • "*" = the base price is a bit more.

  • "pair" = Only for bond tattoos (at least 2 people needed)

  • Remember: during tattoo events (RSVP event info reflects the current rate), Blinks are flat rate like Flickers/Bolts!

Any blink can be enlarged and even expanded up to flicker size (more detail and concept exploration): and I'm so hoping someone chooses to do so! Especially the torso hearts! Or even the cock, or the...ANYWAY:

Now for the UNCENSORED blink sheet #162-171...

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