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themed overnight ALWAYS OPEN + pro+com 90! + New comic idea!

Hi all!

We just thought of another benefit in being a site member: besides access to all comics, videos, customized membership account, traditional art online store, Blog feed, priority booking, promo codes, iron-sketch access, and early access to adopts + models:

ALL Access to Themed overnight sketch.

Since themes are never repeated, and only open the last 2 weeks of every month, we realized it would make sense to give Benefit Supporters with site membership, all access. Though the delivery may change to that of Stream Sketch times.

So if you have site membership, and wish to partake in the theme batch can't make it before the end of the month, You now have until the launch of the new theme! [So a full month, instead of just 2 weeks].


So sorry we haven't done this announcement in a while, but remember that ALL videos are in the Video page, and ALL i.pity.me videos (exclusive to benefit supporters with site membership), are in the video section of http://ipity.me

And woah...we're approaching 100 pro+com videos. Here is 90 while we figure out if something special should be done for the 100th. Feel free to make suggestions if you have any!

And As always, Thank you SO much for your support! I'm very looking forward to spending even more time on original art!


And we came up with ANOTHER comic idea! It's...kinda sorta fanart? Go look at the comic list to see what it is!

Bye for now!


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