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stream sketch 1979 | fun facts

Client wdo was: "A male Monster concept. Halloween Mask Creature." Here's some headcanon for it:

  • The "mask" is the creature.

  • When it attaches to ones face, it's permanent for the host, but optional for the creature

  • technically a human COULD survive if the creature detaches before they eat past their face. But the creature typically only can control their appetite AFTER they've eaten the face. So those very few who do detach once they can control of themselves, leave their host with no face (but alive, if shock doesn't kill them).

  • The creature then have a new body/meal: They eat the person from the inside.

  • First it's the persons face, then head, then etc. They can stay till there is nothing but bone, but they usually leave when mobility is gone.

  • Within an hour or so from attachment, the creature must decide if the "host" remains conscious till the creature leaves (yes, even when the brain is gone and the body should be dead), or if they "sleep". Only diff, is that the conscious host feels the pain of being eaten beyond when they should technically be dead.

  • It's considered cruel to leave their meal conscious, so it's taboo (but not illegal).

  • The host stops aging past an hour or so past attachment.

  • The host can live for however long the creature lives (which is near immortal):

  • You see, eating ones host is the most nutritious and delicious, but they don't technically need to.

  • It takes a very strong will for the creature to not eat past the face, and to keep the body at least 90% intact.

  • The host only bleeds when the creature is eating. Otherwise, the wounds heal very fast to end the bleeding and to prevent the body from rotting.

  • This character is with an average creature: so he's being eaten on a average time frame: maybe 10-20 years. That's brain bits are flying/floating away from him as he's "eating". So back of head is devoured, and now moving on to the shoulders. This particular mask is using gold stablers to hold in place the holes he makes.

  • The older a creature gets, the more control they have of their appetite and exactly where about the body they consume. And they can move even without a host: though they get exhausted past 6-10 feet or so.

  • This mask creature is a young adult, but talented. So he can control where he eats from, unlike most of his age group. He's making those holes on purpose, for fashion.

  • The younger they are, the closer they need to be to a host to attach, 'cause they have less mobility.

And that's it! Most of it was daydreams while working on the sketch. And some I came up with when I was writing the delivery for the client.

It amused me too much NOT to share. Yet another idea I think would make for a fun comic.

Back to doin' what I do! Thanks for reading, and most importantly, for being a Benefit Supporter!



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