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September 2020 | Human+ | monthly gift!

Updated: Sep 1, 2020


WOAH, on time! And trying something new! New page:

And new delivery, egift cards instead of just promo codes.

  • Promo codes forced ya to use the whole thing in the stores.

  • Ya had to go back to the page to get the other codes your level made you qualify for.

  • Gift cards allow ya to spread it out, and now able to apply it towards tattooing, booking, and wall art (WAY more convenient for me too)!


September Code: HUMTOEPIND15

gift: $15

How to activate/ use:

Let me know what ya'll think! A code exclusively for Royal benefiters (prince and higher) will be it's own separate blog post. An excuse to try out this new blog feature!

PLEASE let me know what ya'll think! And also if ya able to simply ADD it on to a previous gift card!


HIGHLIGHTS to use ya code on.

Thank you immensely for your continued support in these times! It means a great deal! Looking forward to more personal work to share with you Benefiters!


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