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rich ethan | mini comic 01

In trying to be less obsessed with polish, in trying to be faster, I used my new characters "ethan" and "rich".

+ I thought this idea was cute,

+ for over 2 years I've been trying to adapt the motto of, "once I think of it, just do it right then and there", with these mini comic ideas. This is the first I've been able to do in over a year I think, (the last was with Vivaldi from i.pity.me http://ipity.me ), cause of my obsession and worry of working to pay rent /bills.

"rich" and "ethan" are monster hunters for hire, as well as active serial killers.

They're both "Rich" and "Ethan": Neither are their real names. Which I would like to be sneakily revealed in their official comic.

Hope you dig!


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