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October 2020 | monthly exclusives + REMINDER!


I hope ya'll doing well!

Sorry for the late mention of the monthly promo codes! I'm trying to figure out a new (and hopefully better) monthly benefit for ya'll! Just feels time to mix things up!

PLEASE feel free to make suggestions!

I REALLY wanted to use the gift codes, but come to find out, that shits don't work in the store. So it COULD work, I'd need to transfer store over to square. And square don't use paypal.

So right now, I'm hoping my web host releases a gift card feature!

In the meantime, feel free to take advantage of the current monthly deals (at ya appropriate level of course):


Halloween 2020 tattoo event

*gasp* 2 events in 1 month! I HAD to do something for the best holiday EVER (actually a tie with the water fight holiday in thailand).

For this event,

  • ALL Benefiters unlock the $31 deal (not just Royal levels)!

  • Royal levels (Prince+) can gift ONE non-benefiter guest, who MUST RSVP, to unlock the same $31 deal. Normally it's not a giftable perk (gotta make this special somehow).

  • ALL selective color option is FREE for all benefiters! (normally at least $10 less than non-benefiters).



REMEMBER ya have an art fund!

Cash out using the link under the Benefit Program tab.

Or click here

The form as also been updated to give you the option of having it be a promo code for the store + commissions, OR make it a gift card you can use on fyd mi ink goods: tattoo session, wall art, books, shirts, etc.

If ya had to leave the Benefit program, please be sure to cash out before the year ends!

Remember, more info on the f.a.q.


HIGHLIGHTS to use ya code on.

Thank you immensely for your continued support in these times! It means a great deal! Looking forward to more personal work to share with you Benefiters!


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