November promo codes + bday month!

Hi all!

Promo codes for this month is now LIVE!

Here is the 'All Levels' code! And the codes for 'human+' levels are in da spot (only human+ have access)!

It's my bday month: November 21st id the date. I don't like mentioning my bday unsolicitedly, cause like with talking, I feel one only does it cause they want something.

And I do want/need something: your support. Oh look at that, you've already given it! THANK YOU! Best present ever!

I try to give myself a gift each yr, just to show me how I appreciate me. Usually it's sitting down at an actual restaurant, and maybe one item. I'ma try really hard to save up for the former. Either way, I'll definitely give myself the present of !

Once more and always, thank you for the support! May I deliver unto you comics about embodied emotions, a society with a kill limit, serial killers who moonlight as monster hunters, and more!



Click to access your higher member promo codes!

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