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Nov 2019 | promo codes! + BDAY month!

Hi Benefiters!

Sorry for the delay! Codes are up!

Last month was...busy. More so than the current usual, catching up from not feeling well, and still looking for side work to pay rent/bills. The halloween commissions helped pay bills, but it did slow up progress on due orders.

Still finishing off the last halloween orders that came late (since I reopened to help even things for the books. Horror portraits still has TWO spots left, and Cocktober has ONE. Clients will get a copy of the books for free, while you Benefiters will get a special discounted price!

Also, this month is my bday month. Despite the dire situation, I'ma still hold up tradition of not working on Nov. 21st. I may just use it as the day I finally do some self love (been almost 2 months now), but I hope to not starve myself for that long.

Thank you SO much for your continued support! It really helps a great deal! But please definitely cancel if ya in dire straits yourself! I'm honored for such support as is! I do hope things are going well for ya out there! If in a downswing, I hope ya nurture faith in an upswing coming your way!

OH, and if no trouble, feel free to tellin' folks about my comics/tattoos/merc/services! Or *gasp* convince others to join the Benefit program! That's the best bday gift!



If no commission in mind, please feel free to use the ALL LEVEL code towards supporting a comic directly!

Access the other codes: http://www.fydbac.com/promo-codes

Code for ALL levels to use!

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