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NEW PERKS: Exclusive Instagram stories + reveals!

Hi all!

So sorry for another slow month in blog engagements! Just getting caught up in finishing due work.

SO, new BENEFITER PERKS (which tie into each other)!

Exclusive Instagram Stories

There is a new feature on IG called "close friends". Found out thru another tatt artist (ya should go check em out). And immediately i was like *GASP* new perk idea!

Basically, Stories marked for just 'close friends', are exclusively seen by said "close friends". And in this case: ALL BENEFITERS are those 'close friends'!

SO, if ya have IG, and want the perk, just

  1. follow my IG @fydbac

  2. DM me with "Hi, Benefiter here! Please activate my IG perk!". (that exact wording would be best). (I'll add ya as soon as possible)

  3. Then you should be able to see this highlight under my profile:

NOTE: the icon may change, but the "|.B.|" will always be there (ya should notice it on as the "benefiter exclusive" symbol.

If ya don't see it within 24hrs, feel free to message me again.

NOTE: the icon may change, but the "|.B.|" will always be there (ya should remember it as the "benefiter exclusive" symbol on and

That brings me to:

+ EXCLUSIVE view of all future new blinks and flickers!

Aside from , Future blinks and flickers will be revealed using the IG perk.

So NON-benefiters can only see em by coming into the boutique in person! OR if they wait a week, a month, or just whenever (if ever) I feel like sharing publicly. Perhaps every other will be shared. Either way, Benefiters will ALWAYS have first dibs.


K, I better get back to commissions!

Thank you once more and always for the support! Looking forward to sharing those new blinks, flickers, and bolts!

And again, I hope you are taking care to show yourself some luv! If it's been more than 24 hours, DO SO NOW!

Bye for now!


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