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NEW BENEFITER PERK: Waived event fees

Hi All!

I get pretty disheartened when folk 'no-show' for tattoos, even for Tattoo Events.

AND I long since realized that it's largely only Tattoo events where no-shows and last minute cancellations happen (It happens VERY rarely for regular bookings).

Unfortunately, two event no-shows today, SO I'm giving in and implementing a small fee ($5) for Tattoo events. Folk have the option of having it apply towards their tattoo.

But of course, it's 100% waived for Benefiters! So basically, the only difference for Benefiters who RSVP for an event, is now you don't have to select, "I'm a Benefiter" in the form. Check it out!

ANOTHER reason for adding a fee in hopes of discouraging no-shows: for the LA crowd. In LA, it's highly unlikely I'll find the same close proximity from my home to the studio ( I walk ): I'll have to drive. And have you SEEN THE GAS PRICES IN LA!!!?!?!?! It's damn near $6.50/gal . SIX A GALL!!! (and I'm moving back willingly...).

Yes, 6 months out, don't even HAVE a car yet, and I'm already complaining!

I'm fairly chill with having no-shows and cancellations here in PNW: where I'm mostly just very disappointed, as I'm always excited to tattoo. Now Imagine driving, in LA, to your studio, setting up, and having no-shows? With THAT traffic? With THOSE GAS PRICES!? I don't think I can be so chill.

Depending on how many no-shows LA dishes out, depends on if that fee raises for non-benefiters. It'll ALWAYS be waived for Benefiters (you guys are amazing! I don't think a Benefiter has EVER been a no-show).

So yeah, NEW PERK!

Thank you once more and always for your support!

Back to waiting for walk-ins, and working on this anthology project porn comic in the meantime.

Hope you are treating yourself great today and everyday!


Jainai Jeffries

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