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I saw some cliche ass pairing on twitter that annoyed the fuck outta me, so I did a version that would have made it far more interesting for me. I'm trying to be quick with these. They still take too long, so a skill in development.

I would make "boyfriend" (they have no names yet), more husky in future renditions.

I haven't decided if they should be their own comic (title: witchoborinass) , or part of " Rich Ethan"; with Boyfriend being the character's little brother.

All I know for sure:

  • Boyfriend is pan and agender, and doesn't care which pronouns.

  • A sore spot with him is how some people think he's over the top stereotypical, or hiding a dark past. He's just...happy to be alive. He's famous in the ballroom scene, and is a mother to his own house.

  • Girlfriend is cis, hetero, demiromantic (if not aromatic), and pronouns are she/her.

  • No matter if giving or receiving, She very masculine in sex (I didn't say dominant), so fucks harder than most niggas (Ever seen Stud porn? damn...), so she tends to scare off her lovers (though most try to secretly go back for more).

  • She's nihilistic and have an existential crisis fairly frequently. Boyfriend doesn't try to tell her she's wrong and try to "fix" her, which is part of why she agreed to be in a "relationship thing".

Wanna help pick names? Simply comment in the blog!

Once and always, thank you forever and a half for your support!

Back to work I go.



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