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May 2019 | promo codes!

Hi Benefiters!

Changing things up this month:

  • The "ALL levels" code will now be $$off PRO orders.

  • Oh, yeah, I'm bringing PRO orders back! (It's been years!)

  • Themed commissions are back after nearly a full year (last was June 2018), for a limited time.

  • AND I'm accepting sketch illustration commissions again ('regular sketches' are on hold till about next week or so), but at VERY limited slot numbers than my typical! And I don't mean, until I'm done, I mean slot numbers for the ENTIRE month!

I need to put a lot more faith in myself, so a few ordering options are different. And I need to do FAR less sketch commissions; I've acknowledged my burn out, but apparently I'm slow in accepting my new limits, (who here remembers when it was my norm to do 6-10 sketches a weekday and pull all nighters (and sometimes 2 full days)? That went on for years...).

So, regular and themed sketches are now limited to 2 - 3 slots a month, each. PRO versions are limited to 2 - 3 each as well. (But with the YCH 02 on my plate, it may just be 2 this month). I still got concept sketches to complete, so I wanna try to NOT overwhelm myself as usual.

Anywho, here are the rest of the promo codes for human and higher members!

Once more and always, thank you for the support!! And for taking the time to read! I'm very honored you choose to support my content! With business transitions (fÿd mí ink) and Burn out revelations I'm unfortunately slow to accept (I've had a "plow through and ignore it cause that's professional and rent is due" type of business model for years, and apparently that's hard to mold or break from).


Jainai Jeffries


Code for ALL levels to use!

P.S. I hope ya doing great out there on your end. How are ya? Feel free to share detail ;) You listen to me, I wanna return the favor.

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