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March 1st deal + TATTOO EVENTS

Hello all!

March 1st marks FOUR YEARS of "fÿd mí ink"! So I've been promoting the tattoo giveaway all of February, (thru on Instagram). Celebrate with me, and automatically enter to win a GRAND GIFT!

  • Last chance to enter: Feb. 28th

  • ALL who enter will receive SOME kind of gift to show my appreciation!

  • Grand gift, can apply to (custom, flicker, or blink) wall art OR skin art!


Also, ANYONE, who books MARCH 1st, will lock in the absolute lowest rate I will ever offer!


Tattoo Events:

The Tattoo events for the next 3 months are now up on the event page for folk to RSVP!

I would like to put up the rsvp for ALL events this year, but I'm still awaiting news concerning the L.A. move. Still hoping for a summer move.

SO, possibly just 3 tattoo events left while I'm still in PNW!

Once I get news, Benefiters and Newsletter folk (you all) will be the 1st to know just how long ya'll have to book me, and not need to fly to LA or whichever guest spot.


Thank ya'll once more and always for the support and consideration! Hope you are treating yourself with all the love!

Bye for now!

Jainai Jeffries

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