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LA move | 5 months [Benefiter PERK]!


So sorry for missing April! Just busy finishing up designs + sketch commissions + other projects.

So, 5 more months ( 4 months for NON-Benefiters), + 1 puppy month, till I move back to LA! Oh, and the new tattoo event RSVP fee ($5 for NON benefiters, $free for Benefiters) seem to be acceptable so far, which is a pleasant surprise. Please don't forget to check in the for promo codes that might be still valid. I may update it next month.

I'll be sure to make at least THIS kinda LA move post to countdown! Benefiters will have more time to get a tattoo than non-benefiters, so while they show -1 month, yours will show +1 month.

I think that's about it for now, just working on finishing things so I can re-open consultation bookings and accept more waitlisted sketch orders.

Hope you are treating yourself well!

OH, reminder: If you leave the benefit program, PLEASE be sure to cash out your art fund and apply it for...anything: possibly "free" art commission, merch, etc.. I just love to show my gratitude for you joining in the first place, and don't want you to miss out!

Once more and always, THANK YOU!

Bye for now,


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