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June 2019 | promo codes!

Hi Benefiters!

So very sorry for the delay in giving these out! I changed a few setting to kinda make up for it!

Anywho, here are the rest of the promo codes for human and higher members!


Once more and always, thank you for the support!! Someone sponsored a i.p.m. page, so I can definitely work on it more, and still have 1 more hour of kill limit to us. I'm thinking I'ma try and fit in a page of "delayed Reaction"...UGH, so much I wanna do!

And it's thanks you your support I can do it.

PLUS, Benefit members now have Benefiter rates for the tattoo boutique! It's basically just instant grandfathering, which means benefiters never have to pay the full rate! More info on the site and help page!


Jainai Jeffries

Code for ALL levels to use!

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