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January 2020 | promo codes!

Happy New Year!!

[So sorry a bit late] First promo codes of the year!!! http://www.fydbac.com/promo-codes

I hope ya'll had a productive holiday, not TOO much drama, and are now getting your hustle on!!

A productive start to the year on my end, particularly on the tattooing business end.

Still spending part of my time desperately looking for other part time work (particularly art teaching) while building up the tattooing and promoting for more commissions sales again. Certainly looking forward to some life upswings (I see the tattooing as an upswing, but it's still building, so just speaking for the financial kind)!

You guys's support really help and give me hope! I really can't thank you enough, and hope the perks continue to show said appreciation! I'm genuinely always surprised you support me at all, especially with...bah, I just appreciate yous guys is all! [OH, and sorry for not giving one last year review post!]

The following was said last month, but it always applies!:

Thank you SO much for your continued support! It really helps a great deal! But please definitely cancel if ya in dire straits yourself! I'm honored for such support as is! I do hope things are going well for ya out there! If in a downswing, I hope ya nurture faith in an upswing coming your way!

OH, and if no trouble, feel free to tellin' folks about my comics/tattoos/merc/services! Or *gasp* convince others to join the Benefit program! That's the best bday gift!


Happy New Year!!

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